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Multiplayer games online are a new phenomenon. To play multiplayer co-op games, you had to be present in the same room as a friend. Playing games with friends can be done now, although it requires that both parties have stable internet access and different copies of the game. Sony’s new PlayStation 5 offers a way to share the same game without having multiple copies. It’s called “Share Play”. You can share your game with your friends, and they will be able to see you playing, control your character, or join you in a multiplayer match, even though they don’t own the exact same version. Both of you must still have an internet connection that is stable and fast.

What are you looking for?

You only need a PS5 with a high speed internet connection to access this feature. Sony suggests upload speeds of at least 5Mbps for the best results. The minimum requirement is 2Mbps.

Note that you need to have a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to pass the controller. Multiplayer gameplay requires all PlayStation Plus subscribers. To use the feature, you must be friends with someone on PSN.

Each Share Play session has a one-hour limit. Not all games have this option. All Share Play footage streams directly from the console of the owner, just as the Remote Play feature by the company. This means that the footage won’t look quite as great as it does on a local computer.

How to Use Share Play

  • To select Game Base, tap on the PS button of your PS5 DualSense controller.
  • To create a party, tap on the square button.
  • Choose the friend that you would like to be a part of your group.
  • Select Voice Chat and click on Join.
  • Share screen and share play are options. You’ll then be able to allow them to take control of your character, or you can play in a multiplayer online game.
  • You will receive a message from your friend inviting them to sign up.
  • Share Play > Stop Share Play.