How to play PS5 games with friends who do not have them

Playing multiplayer games on the internet is a fairly new trend. Earlier we had to be in the same room with a friend to play co-op multiplayer games on PCs and consoles. Now, playing games with friends is easy, but requires both the parties to have a stable internet and separate copies of the same game. Sony with its new PlayStation 5 has a solution for people not having multiple copies of the game, called ‘Share Play’. This feature allows your friends to watch you play, take over your character and or play a multiplayer match with you, even if they do not own the same game. Take note, both of you will still be required to have a fast and stable internet connection.

What do you need?

All you need to use this feature is a PS5 and a fast internet connection. Sony recommends at least 5Mbps upload speed for best results, and the minimum requirements stand at 2Mbps.

Take note, to pass the controller, you will need a PlayStation Plus subscription and for multiplayer gameplay, all players should have a PlayStation Plus subscription. Also, all should be friends on PSN to use this feature.

All Share Play sessions have a limit of one hour and not all games support this feature. Also, all Share Play footage will stream directly from the game owner’s console just like the company’s Remote Play feature, which means the footage will not look as good as it would on a local system.

How to use Share Play

  • Tap on the PS button on your PS5 DualSense controller and select Game Base from the quick menu.
  • Now tap the square button to create a party.
  • Select the friend you want to join you.
  • Now select ‘Voice Chat’ and tap on Join.
  • You can select to share screen or share play. Then you’ll be given the option to let them take over your character or play a multiplayer game.
  • This will send a notification to your friend to join.
  • The session will automatically end after 60 minutes, but to end it manually you can head over to Game Base > [Your Party] > View Voice Chat > Share Screen | Share Play > Stop Share Play.