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Google launched its new “Nearby Share” feature on phones last month. This allows you to quickly and easily share files by simply tapping. You will also see a list with nearby devices with which you could share content. This feature only works with Android 6.0 or higher versions.

Google stated that the “Nearby Share” feature works with Chromebooks. This allows you to quickly share files between Android phones and Chromebooks, as well as vice-versa. The company plans to add this support in the next few months. It is currently available for Android users to transfer files from one Android device to the other. Now you don’t have to open messages and find contacts, then search for the file.

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Nearby Share quickly displays devices within your range. Once you have selected the receiver, the recipient will be notified and given the opportunity to accept or reject the file. Google claims that Nearby Share automatically selects the most efficient protocol to allow you to quickly share using Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy or WebRTC. This allows you to share files and images, as well as links and apps. Privacy is protected. You will be amazed at how fast the sharing process works. Continue reading to learn more about sharing files with Nearby Share.

Nearby Share: Quickly share files

First, open the file you wish to share. Then tap on the share icon. If your device supports it, the Nearby Share option will be displayed.

Step 2 Tap on the icon to activate Bluetooth, Wi Fi, and Location. Once you enable them, the device will start searching for Android phones nearby. To share files, make sure you do the same on another device.

3rd Step: After tapping the Nearby Share icon, you can change your phone’s visibility to everyone. Your phone will notify the person nearby and display their name. The two devices will then need to approve the sharing of the file.