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Many of us know the feeling: sending an email to your boss, or a coworker incorrectly. Before we hit the Send button, it was important that the emails were proofread. Although the best rule of thumb is to always proofread emails and to be attentive while emailing someone, sometimes a mistake can cause embarrassment or even grief. If you’ve ever felt like there is no escape, Outlook and Gmail both offer the ability to recall emails. Although it may seem complicated, it’s possible to undo an email. This will prevent you from sending the wrong message to people you don’t wish to. This is a quick guide.

Gmail: How do I unsend/recall an email?

Gmail is used by most people to share and send files among colleagues. Gmail also allows you to unsend emails. This is how to recall an email.

Step 1: Start your computer and open Gmail. Step 2: Click on Settings in the upper right corner and navigate to “See all settings”
Step 3: Next, click on ‘Undo Send’ to cancel your order.
Step 4: Choose the cancellation time you prefer

Noting that these steps are only the pre-process is important to prevent the actual disaster from happening, it’s worth noting. You can recall an email you’ve already sent by tapping the “Undo” option in the lower left corner of your email. After clicking on the Undo button, your email will be saved and you can re-edit it and then send it to the correct person. There is one caveat. If you wait longer than the 30 second exit time, your email will not be available for retrieval. It is important to be alert and quick.

Outlook: How do I unsend/recall an email?

Outlook offers the ability to either recall or replace an email with a new text, unlike Gmail. The only problem is that this option can only be used if the recipient and the user have an Office 365 email account. This is how you can unsend an email from your workplace.

Step 1. Open Outlook, click on the message that you wish to remember and then close Outlook.
Step 2: You will find actions under the Messages tab
Step 3: After the Actions tab has been opened, you’ll see below Recall This Message.
Step 4: You have the choice to either replace the email with one or send it again.