How to record Twitter Spaces audio on iOS, Android, web

Twitter will now allow users to record the Twitter Spaces conversation, in case they want to listen to them later. This announcement has come after its rival app Clubhouse has allowed chatroom recordings back in September this year. Twitter has rolled out this functionality for both iOS and Android users. Prior to this, only iOS users could listen to the Spaces recordings. This feature now looks a lot like podcasts.

When a user starts recording a session, participants will be made aware of the same. These participants will see a “Rec” button at the top of their Space view. Once it has ended, users will be able to share this recording from the platform. According to Twitter, some Android and iOS users will now have the option to record Spaces by clicking on “Record Space” before selecting “Start a Space”. This will allow users to listen to the recording even when it is finished.

Notably, Twitter will hold on to the recording for listening and sharing for 30 to 120 days to check for rule violations. Prior to this, Twitter Spaces were just audio chatrooms that held live discussions. No user had the ability to record those sessions.

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For the unversed, Twitter has recently started rolling out Ticketed Spaces or paid live audio rooms for iOS users. Twitter had announced that hosts could charge between $1 and $999 for their ticketed chatrooms. They will also have an option to set a room size cap for them. The company also made it easier for the users to find these audio rooms by placing them at the top of the mobile app.