How to record WhatsApp calls for free

Record normal phone calls with your smartphone. While some smartphones allow you to make calls straight from your phone, there are many other options that can be used to record voice calls. Recording WhatsApp calls can be a little more difficult than normal voice calls. Recording WhatsApp calls is not possible.

Journalists often have to record phone calls or telephonic conversations. Because of call drop, many rely on WhatsApp voice calling. We will show you how to easily record WhatsApp calls from your phone, whether it is an Android or iPhone. Let’s take a look at the steps to record WhatsApp calls from your phone.

Please Note: You must get permission to record WhatsApp calls. Also, make sure that you have the legality of recording WhatsApp calls in your country. Please do not record calls without the permission of everyone on the call.

What is the best way to record WhatsApp calls?

It is a complicated process and you will need to use both an iPhone as well as a MacBook to do this. Make sure that your iPhone is not the primary device. You should log in to your WhatsApp account and make voice calls. You can record WhatsApp calls using your Android phone by following the steps below.

STEP 1. Connect the iPhone first to a Mac with a lightning cable

STEP2: Next, select “Trust this Computer” on your iPhone.

STEP 3. Open QuickTime on your MacBook to choose a new option for audio recording under the file option

STEP4: Click the down arrow next to QuickTime to choose your iPhone.

STEP5: Next, click on the QuickTime record button

STEP 6 Next, call your Android smartphone via WhatsApp with the iPhone. Then hit the Add user icon.

STEP7: Next, you will need to choose the person to speak to. You will then be able to start both the phone call and the recording.

STEP8: Stop the call after it is finished. Save the file to QuickTime.

All participants to the WhatsApp group call can see that it is being recorded. It is impossible to record the call privately. As we said, it is important to notify everyone involved in recording WhatsApp calls before you record them. Do not record calls in secret.

You can also record WhatsApp calls

Cube Call is a VoIP recording that records WhatsApp calls. This future is not supported by all phones so make sure to visit the support page. Click here to check if your smartphone supports Cube Call VoIP recording.

STEP 1. First, you will need to install Cube call recorder on any phone with WhatsApp logged in

STEP 2 Open Cube call recorder. Next, switch to WhatsApp to next talk the person you wish to speak to

STEP3: Check the widget to see if it lights up.

Step 4: To fix an error in the app, open the Recorder Settings and select Force VoIP Call as Voice calls

Step 5: Call again to continue recording WhatsApp calls. If it shows another error, then the app may not be supported by your device.