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You can record normal calls using your smartphone. Some smartphones let you make phone calls directly from the device, but there are other ways to capture voice conversations. It can be more challenging than regular voice calls to record WhatsApp calls. It is impossible to record WhatsApp calls.

Journalists are often required to record calls and telephonic conversations. Many rely on WhatsApp voice calls to avoid drop in call quality. This article will demonstrate how you can easily record WhatsApp calls using your smartphone, regardless of whether it’s an Android phone or iPhone. We will show you how to easily record WhatsApp calls using your smartphone.

Note: To record WhatsApp calls, you must have permission. You must also ensure that recording WhatsApp calls is legal in your jurisdiction. Do not make recordings without permission from everyone involved in the conversation.

What’s the best way record WhatsApp calls?

This is not an easy process. To do it, you’ll need both an iPhone and a MacBook. Your iPhone should not be your primary device. Log in to WhatsApp and start making voice calls. Follow these steps to record WhatsApp calls from your Android phone.

STEP 1 First connect the iPhone to a Mac using a lightning cable

STEP2 Select “Trust This Computer” from your iPhone.

STEP 3 Launch QuickTime on your MacBook and choose an audio recording option under the file option

STEP4 To choose an iPhone, click the down arrow beside QuickTime.

STEP5 Click on the QuickTime Record button

STEP 6 Call your Android phone via WhatsApp using the iPhone. Next, click the Add user icon.

STEP7 Now you need to select the person that you want to talk to. Then, you will be able start the recording and phone call.

STEP8 End the call when it’s finished. QuickTime will save the file.

Participants to the WhatsApp group chat can all see it being recorded. The call cannot be recorded privately. It is essential to inform everyone who may be involved with recording WhatsApp calls prior to you start recording them. Don’t record conversations in secret.

WhatsApp calls can be recorded

Cube Call, a VoIP recording which records WhatsApp calls, is called Cube Call. The future does not work with all smartphones so please visit our support page. Check here to see if your smartphone can record Cube Call VoIP calls.

STEP 1 You will first need to install Cube Call Recorder on all phones with WhatsApp logged into

STEP2 Open Cube Call Recorder. Switch to WhatsApp and talk to the person you want to discuss next.

STEP3 To check if the widget lights up, click here.

4th Step: To correct an error in your app, go to the Recorder Settings. Select Force VoIP Calls as Voice calls.

5th Step: Recall the call to record more WhatsApp calls. It may be that the app is not supported on your device if it displays another error.