How to recover deleted photos from Instagram

It is possible to recover deleted stories and posts on Instagram. Instagram now allows you to view and restore any deleted stories or posts within 24 hours.

Users can retrieve archived or permanent posts within thirty days after deleting them. This feature was created by the social media platform to allow users to have control over their accounts in case of hacking, or for restoring deleted posts.

Under this feature, Instagram created a Recently Deleted Folder. Instagram will keep a deleted post in the Recently Deleted folder for 30 days, even if it is deleted. The user has the option to restore or permanently delete the post during this period.

Previously, Instagram did not offer a way to recover deleted posts. However, you now have the option of accessing deleted posts via the Recently Deleted Folder. You can now access deleted stories, photos, reels and videos from Instagram by moving them to the Recently Deleted Folder.

How to recover deleted Instagram photos

STEP1: Download the most recent version of Instagram via Google Play or App Store.

STEP 2: Open the app, and then go to your account.

STEP3: Click on the hamburger icon in the upper-right corner to go to Settings.

STEP 4: Next, log in to your Account. Here you’ll see the newly deleted option.

STEP5: Once you select the option, the content you just deleted will be displayed.

STEP6: Next, tap the post that you wish to restore.

STEP7: Next, click the three dots icon at the top.

STEP8: You will now have the ability to delete the entire post permanently and restore it. To recover the poster, click on “Restore”.

STEP 9: Before you can restore, verify your security. You will now receive an OTP to your email address or phone number.


STEP11: You will now be able to retrieve your Instagram deleted post.