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YouTube users can now create remixes in as little as five seconds using the new Shorts toolkit. YouTube users now have the ability to create short videos using our Shorts creator tools. Mix music from our Audio Library, or create your own audio with videos from YouTube.

YouTube Studio allows users to create videos with audio samples. The shorts will be connected to the original source video. YouTube Studio allows creators to choose not to allow their videos to be remixed. YouTube Studio does not allow remixing of music videos that include copyrighted YouTube music.

This feature is now available for iOS users. Android users will have it later in the year.

YouTube shorts: Remixing

  1. You can open the YouTube app on your smartphone
  2. Select the Short that you wish to hear.
  3. To select “Cut”, click on the three dots menu.
  4. Tap “Create” or “Cut” to create videos of long length.

The Short can be selected by users. You could previously cut audio from YouTube videos. The new feature allows users to clip five seconds of videos and shorts, then put these segments into their own shorts.

YouTube also announced that you can access shorts via your tablet and web browser. Shorts will now be accessible in a new tab, Shorts. This will soon become available on all devices.

YouTube now offers a new way for users to comment on YouTube videos. YouTube is testing timed emoticons, which allow users to reply with an emoticon during a specific moment of a video.


YouTube Shorts is similar to TikTok’s popular Stitch feature. It added that shorts made with sampled audio can be attributed to their source creator. 19 hours ago

YouTube shorts can be vertical videos of 60 seconds and less. You can make a short video in one of two formats: a continuous 60 second video, or multiple 15 second videos. Your Short can only use music from YouTube.

Copyright-protected materials could result in you being issued a Content ID claim. If a copyright owner gives us a complete and valid copyright takedown notice regarding your video, we may remove it and give you a Copyright Strike.

YouTube allows you to add any music, from your own audio to your video’s copyright-free music.

YouTube allows you to add any music, from YouTube’s audio to copyright-free music to your video. You can find YouTube Shorts made by other people. Your short videos can be found on YouTube’s homepage and shelf.


You can open the YouTube app on your smartphone. Open YouTube Shorts and click “Create” to create your own video. You can choose which part of the video you would like to use in your Short, or create your own audio using videos they already have.