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Each of us have been sent a PDF file with password protection. It could be a bank statement, or a bill. Although this is a good idea to protect sensitive information, it can cause a lot more hassle as we have to enter the password every time we wish to view the document or forward it to another person.

There are ways around this problem so we don’t need to type in the password every time we want to open a PDF file. You can read the following to learn the best ways to get the convenience that you require.

These hacks only work if you know your password at least once before we explain the steps. It ensures the document can’t be accessed by anyone with malicious intents. Before you proceed with the next steps, make sure that the password is known.

What is the best way to delete passwords from PDF files? (Google Chrome)

You can easily remove the password from PDF files accessed through Google Chrome on Windows, Mac or Linux. Follow these steps to do this:

  • Google Chrome, Drive or another third-party browser can open the PDF file.
  • For the first time, enter the password
  • After the PDF file is unlocked, you can choose to print it by clicking the Print icon at the top left corner of the screen or choosing ‘CTRL+P (Windows) or ‘Command+P (Mac).
  • Select the Destination and click ‘Save as pdf’ to save the file in PDF format. You can access the PDF by simply saving the Destination as ‘Save As PDF’.

What is the best way to delete passwords from PDF files? (Mac)

These steps will allow you to easily delete passwords from PDF files on your Mac.

  • Get the PDF file
  • Go to Finder and search for the file. You can preview it by going to Finder
  • Password
  • After the file has been opened, tap the File button and then click on “Export as PDF” to save it as a PDF. You will receive the file again without saving any password

What is the best way to delete passwords from PDF files? (Android, iOS)

With the help of the apps available via Google Play Store or the App Store respectively, you can easily save PDFs to your Android and iOS phones.

You can also use PDF Utilities for Android. After downloading the app, open it in your browser and enter your password. To access the file again without needing a password, open it from the original location.

You can also use the PDF Expert app for iOS. The app will require you to subscribe to complete the task. It comes with a trial that allows you to access all PDF files for free.

How can I remove passwords from PDF files (Adobe Acrobat)

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is required to execute the deed using Adobe Acrobat. It costs Rs. The software is priced at Rs. 1,041 per month for an annual subscription or Rs. If you subscribe on a monthly basis, 1,691 per month After you have received it, open the PDF file and enter your password. Next, click Security Settings, Lock Screen, Permission Details, then Security Settings. After this, you can choose the Security option and set the security method to no security. Save the file so that you don’t have to enter the password every time it opens.

You can also visit the “Smallpdf” website to get rid of your password. Simply open the PDF file, and then select the Unlock option. After the file has been decrypted you can save it to your computer or laptop to be able to access it whenever necessary.