How to reply to a group message privately on WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s Group feature has helped users across the globe to connect better with friends and loved ones amid the ongoing pandemic. Over the years, WhatsApp has added new features to Groups with the aim to offer an enhanced experience to users. The messaging platform recently added a way for users to respond to a chat in a group, privately. This feature helps group members connect with one another on a personal level.

Today, we will take a look at how you can reply to a group message privately on WhatsApp. To make it easy, we have illustrated the method separately for Android, iOS and WhatsApp Web users. Take a look.

For Android users

–First, open the WhatsApp app, and then open a group chat

— Then you will need to long press on the group message you want to respond to privately

–You will then need to go to the three dots on the right-hand side

–Then click on Reply Privately option from the menu

–The message to which you are replying will appear in that contact’s window

–You can then type the message and press send

For iPhone users

–First, open the WhatsApp app, and then open a group chat

–Then tap and hold the message

–Then click on More from the right-hand side

–You will then select Reply Privately

–The contact’s window will open with the message you are replying to with the group’s name

–Type the message you want to send and then press send.

For WhatsApp Web users

The option to respond to a group message privately is available on WhatsApp Web as well.

–To reply privately to a group message privately first open the group and then move over the message,

–Then click Menu or the bottom arrow and select the Reply Privately option.

–Type out your reply and click Send.