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iPhone or PC has the much-required ‘recently deleted’ folder or trash bin where you can recover the photos that may have got mistakenly deleted. While this option is available in some Android phones like OnePlus, not all provide this benefit. Thankfully, Google Photos and Google Drive allow you to recover photos and even videos that you deleted. This cloud storage platform lets you upload photos for free and access them on your device at any time. Google Photos categorise photos based on location, face, time, etc. In case you are wondering how to restore the lost files here are a few simple tips that you should check.

How to recover deleted photos from Google Photos

Step 1- To restore a photo or video, on your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app.

Step 2- At the bottom, you will find a ‘Library’ tab, just tap on it.

Step 3- At the top, you will find the ‘Trash’ folder. Tap on it to check out all your deleted photos.

Step 4- To restore, touch, and hold the photo or video. Press the Restore option at the bottom, the photo or video that may have mistakenly deleted will then be recovered.

Step 5- To restore it on your PC, go to (make sure you have signed in your Google Account)

Step 6- Once opened, click the Trash folder on the left side of the window.

Step 7- Click on the photos and videos you want to restore, and then tap the Select option.

Step 8- Then tap the Restore button at the top and the photo or video will then be restored to your Google Photos account and added back to the specified album.

It is worth mentioning that Google Photos have a 60-day window whereby the photos remain in the trash folder for the stipulated time. The cloud storage offers backup of unlimited photos and videos for free and supports up to 16 megapixels and a 1080p HD limit.