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You have now earned a place on the leaderboard, and you even received perks for being in this fast-paced game. Hackers have their own skills, but it’s still fun to hack your account once in a while. No jokes aside, there is no perfect world (not even in the gaming industry).

Numerous data breaches have occurred on popular gaming platforms. The most notable was the theft of FIFA Ultimate Team trader accounts by hackers. This led to two-factor authentication being bypassed and the miscreants disguised themselves as account owners. This is not an isolated incident.

Some years ago, hackers stole hundreds of dollars from Fortnite’s accounts and hacked thousands of players. While gaming platforms make every effort to protect their users, hackers continue to improve their skills. While we don’t intend to cause havoc, here are some hygiene tips to help you keep your account/accounts safe from being hacked.

How to stop hackers from accessing your gaming account

Make a strong password

It is long past the days when passwords were simple and straightforward. Although most people are smart enough to create a password unique to your account, it’s not as simple to remember if the password includes your favorite character’s name. It is recommended to use a strong password which doesn’t include a word (e.g. Kozhikode_174). Instead, you should create a mixture of numbers and letters- av87617Z.a.=.

A password manager can do this

You can download password managers to help you remember strong passwords for multiple accounts. LastPass, Bitwarden and 1Password are all options. If remembering your password is difficult (fingerprint unlock for rescue), you can use one of these apps to help.

Enable two-factor authentication

EA confirmed that hackers were able to use ‘human error” to bypass 2-factor authentication. However, it’s still recommended to enable 2FA. When you log in to something, you receive a text message or an email with a code. This is a notification that another person has attempted to gain access to your Steam account, Epic Games or EA accounts. There are different steps to enable 2FA in different gaming apps. Navigate to the security option and follow the instructions to add this security layer to your account.