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Did you use a third party app on your iPhone for scanning documents? We can tell you that this feature is already built into your iOS device, so you don’t need to use a third-party app. Yes, that’s right. iOS devices do have the option to scan documents, but it’s hidden which means you will have to walk through a maze to reach it.

Pun aside, Apple’s document scanner is available in the Notes app. With the iOS 11 update, this feature was made available. It supports in-app sharing so you can save the newly scanned document to any folder you choose. This guide will show you how to scan an iOS document.

How to scan a document with iPhone and iPad

As mentioned the document scanner is available with Apple’s Notes app on iPhone and iPad. You can scan any document and convert it to a PDF file in just a few clicks. There’s an alternative method which we will explain in some time. These are the steps to take.

– First, open Notes on your iPhone and iPad.

Tap on the camera icon, then select Scan Documents to create new notes.

– Tap the camera button at the bottom of the screen.

Tap Scan Documents.

-Then press the shutter button if the scanner doesn’t automatically scan it.

After scanning all pages, tap Save. You will see a count of how many pages you have scanned.

The scanned document will be saved to a Notes note. If you want to mark up a scanned document on your iPhone, here’s what you need to do.

-Click the scan button in the upper right corner to share the document.

Scroll the action menu to search for Markup.

-Next, tap the tool you want to use.

– Tap + if you want to add a text box, signature, magnifier, or shape to your document.

Next, mark up the document and then click Done when you’re done. To convert your scanned document to PDF, simply tap on it, then tap the share button. Next, select the app to which you wish to save the PDF, and then follow the instructions.

The alternative method is to simply open WhatsApp and then select the individual chat to which you wish to send the details. Long-press the chatbox to bring up the scan text option. The scan feature will only scan the page’s details and send them to the user. You can’t use it to convert it to a PDF file or save it as a document on your device.