How to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android, iOS

WhatsApp has yet to allow scheduling messages, so we often have problems. For example, you must stay up until 12 in the morning to send your first birthday message. If WhatsApp had a scheduling feature, you wouldn’t have to wake up at 12 in the morning. You can accomplish this by using a third-party application. You can do this by using the Google Play Store.

Here are the steps to set up WhatsApp messages for Android

STEP1: Visit the Google Play Store

STEP 2: Get the SKEDit mobile app from here

STEP 3: Next, log into the app

STEP4: Click on the WhatsApp option in the menu.

STEP5: Select Enable Accessibility

STEP6: Head to SKEDit, and then turn the toggle on

STEP7: Next, tap Allow

STEP8: Once you have completed this step, return to the app

STEP9 – Now you have the opportunity to ask me before I send.

STEP10: After turning the device on, you will receive a notification. This message will only be sent if you click on the button.

STEP11 (Optional): If you disable this option, it will still send the message but not the notification.

STEP12: The message will then be automatically sent at the time specified.

How to set up WhatsApp messages for iPhone

STEP 1: There’s no software that allows you to schedule messages for your iPhone. We have the answer.

STEP 2: Siri Shortcuts App is your answer. It’s easy to download and install on your iPhone.

STEP 3: Next, go to Automation

STEP 4: Use the plus symbol to automate your life

STEP5 Select when you would like your automation to start

STEP6 Select a date and a time.

STEP7: Once you have done this, click the next button and type WhatsApp into the search bar

STEP8: Enter the message, select the time and then tap Next

STEP9: The message will then be automatically sent after the time specified.