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WhatsApp introduced many new features over the years to improve the user’s messaging experience. Status is one of these features. It disappears after 24 hours. You will now know that your contacts can see their status. What if that’s not what you want? It’s possible. This is exactly what we will discuss.

This is not a trick. WhatsApp has a special option that allows you to check your WhatsApp status without being seen. It is easy to enable the feature. Change some settings to ensure your contact does not know you’re viewing their status. These are the steps.

What is the secret method to verify WhatsApp status?

STEP 1. First, open the WhatsApp app for your smartphone.

STEP 2: Next, open the Settings menu.

STEP 3 – Scroll to the Privacy Setting

STEP 4: There are many options available. To disable the Read receipts option at the bottom, click on the button.

The option is both available for Android and iOS users.

Your contact won’t be able see your WhatsApp Status after you enable it. Recall that WhatsApp Status was introduced by Facebook, a messaging service owned by Facebook, a few years back, inspired in part from Instagram’s status. Although the status feature was not well-received initially, users are becoming more familiar with it and use it frequently.

WhatsApp has millions of worldwide users and is the number one messaging platform in India. It was able to connect users with friends and loved ones around the world, which played an important role in the outbreak.