How to send pictures on WhatsApp without losing quality

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most used instant messaging app in today’s era. People from all over the world use it and send messages to their relatives, family members, and friends. You send photos, videos, or stickers to other people and express your love through WhatsApp. Many times the quality of the image you send on WhatsApp gets compressed. The photo does not go to the receiver in the original quality.

The tech giant compresses about 70 percent of the image quality by default for faster transfer of files. While the app continues this habit, there are a few tricks to send photos in their original quality.

Here’s how to send WhatsApp images without reducing quality:

Step 1- Open your WhatsApp account and open the contact you want to send the photo.

Step 2- At the bottom of the chat screen, you will see a paper clip-like icon next to the camera icon.

Step 3- Click on the paper clip icon, a list of icons will appear.

Step 4- Now click on the Documents option.

Step 5- Next, select the photo you want to send as documents from your phone.

Step 6- ‘Browse other docs’ option at the top If you cannot find the photo.

Step7: Then tap on

Step 8- Check through the folders, and once you locate the specific image file you want to send, select it.

Step9: Click on the send button.

Step10: Then, the image will be sent to the recipient.

Note- Users should note that the document sending process may take time depending on the file size and, of course, the internet speed.