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WhatsApp has lot many reasons for its popularity among a huge pool of users. The Facebook-owned cross-messaging platform allows sending texts for free over the internet and is completely ad-free. The interface is simple and the frequent updates with new features on the deck enhance user experience.

While the app mostly requires you to type messages and send them to the respective contact, what if it can be done without using the keyboard. Yes, you heard it right, WhatsApp messages can be sent without having to put the effort of typing, courtesy of digital assistants. One can either Google Assistant or Siri, depending on the mobile OS they use. The voice assistant comes in handy if you are tied up with work and require to send an important message to your friend. So without further adieu here is a simple guide to help you out of the muddle.

How to send WhatsApp messages without using keyboard

Before we start explaining how to send WhatsApp messages without typing or using the keyboard, users are advised to turn on voice assistant in the phone settings and register their voice command for smooth functioning of the digital bot for sending texts. Here are the simple steps to send WhatsApp texts with a voice assistant.

Step 1- If you haven’t used Google Assistant yet, just open the app register your voice command by saying ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Okay Google.’ You will be prompted to repeat a few words as shown on the screen, and then the voice will be registered.

Step 2- You can say ‘Hey Google,’ or long-press the Home button to activate the voice assistant.

Step 3- Once the virtual assistant starts responding just say ‘Send a WhatsApp message.’ It will then ask you to whom do you want to send the message to.

Step 4- Just say the name to who you want to send the text, it will then ask you what should be mentioned in the message.

Step 5- The voice assistant will then start tying and once you are done, just say ‘Okay, send it.’ Your message will be delivered. The second time you send a text via the voice assistant it will directly send it without having to prompt the ‘Okay, send it’ command.