How to set the speed limit in Google Maps

It is essential to follow the traffic rules while driving. It saves you and other people on the road from accidents. Over speeding on the street is also careless, which people often forget in enthusiasm. In such a situation, a feature of Google Maps saves you from overseeding.

This speed limit function of Google Maps keeps the users informed about the speed limit of the road. If users drive above the specified limit, Google also sends you a notification related to the warning.

Google Maps first launched the on-screen speedometer function in 2019. After which, it was gradually launched across the country. Users using this feature should also keep an eye on their car’s speedometer. At present, this speed limit function is not available in all areas. If you want to use it, you can enable it by going to your Maps.

Once this service is enabled, if users Overspeed, Google Maps also gives you warning notifications. However, you cannot completely depend on Maps for driving. Users should also use their discretion while driving.

Introduced by Google for Google Maps, the speed limit warning feature is designed to inform users about their current speed, reflected on their phone screen while driving. It shows the destination and other information of the users.

Here’s how you can set the speed limit in Google Maps

STEP1: Open Google Maps on your smartphone

STEP2: Click on Profile or your initials on the top right corner of the screen

STEP3: Now head over to settings

STEP4: Scroll down to Navigation settings

STEP5: Go to the Speed Limit settings

STEP6: Scroll down to see the Driving option

STEP7: Turn on Speed Limit and Speedometer and go back to the main screen of the Google Maps app.