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Google’s cross-platform Chrome browser has many features. The Chrome browser can be used for multiple tasks, including opening different tabs and sharing links with other devices.

You can access all tabs from all devices, and still have seamless internet browsing experience regardless of which device is being used. This feature called ‘Send Tab To Self’. Chrome Sync is a more practical option, especially if you have more than one device.

Before you can share tabs between devices, however, there are some things that you will need to do. To use this feature, Chrome 77 and later is required. To use the feature, you will need to sign in to the same Google account on all your devices. Google will automatically sync devices, but it’s a good idea to identify the devices. This is especially important if more than one device is signed into. This guide will demonstrate how to transfer desktop Chrome tabs from your Android device to another.

Simple steps to easily share Chrome tabs among your devices

You will need to sign into your Google account to install the latest version of Chrome on all devices you wish to share Chrome tabs. You can check whether it’s enabled for Android by going to Google Play >My apps & Games and updating Chrome. Click on the menu icon near the top and type Help > Google Chrome. After it has opened, you can update Chrome and launch the browser again. Next, open another browser and go to chrome://flags. The search box will prompt you to select the three options ‘Enable receiver device for shared clipboard features’, ‘Enable share clipboard feature signals’, and ‘Syncclipboard services’. Next, enable each option in the drop-down menus. Relaunch your browser once you have completed this.

The same steps will apply to your Android phone. Once you’re done, restart the browser.

You can send a browser tab directly from your computer to an Android device

To do this, right-click on the tab located at the top.

Next, select Send to all devices from the context menu. Click on the device name, such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or the Xiaomi Mi 11X.

A notification pops up to indicate an incoming tab. Tap on the notification to open that page in your browser.

You can also right-click on the page to search for Send it to my devices.

If you wish to send Chrome tabs from Android devices to PCs, tap on the menu button in the upper right. Next tap Share and select Send to Devices.

After that you’ll need to choose your computer. A popup window will open with the link for that tab. To open the page, tap on it.