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Facebook’s handling private data has been under fire since the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Facebook’s privacy policy is under fire. It states that every app will share users data. Privacy concerns also arise from the “off Facebook activity tracking” feature that monitors user’s app and website usage on their smartphones. Facebook offers several options to disable the monitoring of your online activities. How to disable Facebook from tracking your online activity

What data is Facebook storing?

Before we talk about how you can prevent Facebook from tracking your online activity, let’s take a look at what data Facebook has.

Facebook tracks your browsing habits, such as when you open an app or website and which search engine you used. It also records items that you add or remove from a wishlist or cart. Facebook tracks everything you do on Facebook, including your searches history and contacts.

Facebook can’t monitor your Internet activities through Android/iOS

Step 1 Open the Facebook app. For iOS, tap the More Options button in the upper-right corner.

Step 2 Go to the bottom and select the “Settings and Privacy”.

Step 3 Open the Settings Panel and scroll down to Section titled “Apps and Notifications”.

Fourth Step: To open the Permissions tab, click on Facebook.

Step 5 All users can refuse permissions

Facebook tracks your browsing habits, including when and where you visited an app or website. It also records which devices you used to search it. The item you searched for, whether or not you added it to a wishlist or cart. You can even see if you have made donations or purchases. (Screenshot)

How to stop Facebook activity tracking on Android/iOS

Step 1 Open the Facebook app. For iOS, tap on the More Settings icon at the top right of Android.

Step 2 Select the “Settings & Privacy” tab.

Step 3: Tap on Settings.

4: Tap on Off-Facebook Activity.

Step 5 To ensure that Facebook erases your entire data, tap on the “Clear History” option.

6 Turn off the option

After you disable the option, personalized ads that are based on your online activity will not be sent to you. Even though you have followed all the steps, this does not mean Facebook will stop tracking your online activities. Facebook will still track the activities of your users, including log-in sessions and total time.