How to take scrolling screenshots on Android phones

Taking a screenshot on any phone is the most basic function and everyone knows how to take a simple screenshot. But, what if you want a long one and currently, OnePlus is one of the few brands offering this option. So, if you are a OnePlus user, you don’t need to download any third-party app to take scrolling screenshots. The brand doesn’t just give you the basic screenshot option.

You are allowed to take a scrolling screenshot and even edit it before sending anyone. OnePlus users just need to press and hold the volume down and power buttons at the same time to take a screenshot. Alternatively, you can enable the “three-finger screenshot” in the gestures settings for more ease. When the screenshot is captured, you will notice a expanded screenshot option at the bottom right corner of the screen. You need to tap on that to activate the scrolling screenshot feature a OnePlus phone.

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Every software version has different settings, so things could be different for you, which is why you need to look a little harder. Even Realme offers you “Long screenshot” option, which you will notice after taking a screenshot. You just need to open it immediately, and you will see options like Edit, Doodles, and more. Those who don’t have the long screenshot feature on their phone can download the LongShot app from Google Play Store. Read on to know about this.

How to take scrolling screenshots on Android phones

Screenshot How-to

Step 1: After downloading the LongShot app from Google Play Store, open it. You will be asked to give the app permission to the storage and enable the floating window option.

Step 2: There is Speed mode, which you need to tap on before taking any long screenshot. A green start button will appear and will float on any app when you want to take a screenshot. It allows you to take scrolling screenshot manually. There is also an Auto capture mode, which will automatically take a long screenshot as you scroll until you stop it.

Step 3: You then just need to tap Done and it will be saved in your gallery.