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When sharing your personal views and images on social media, it can prove difficult to navigate. Some feedback is welcome on Facebook in the form comments, while others are not. Sometimes, the discussion on a post becomes so complicated that it is impossible to allow comments. Unfortunately, Facebook users cannot turn off comments from posts to their Facebook wall. Group posts can be disabled by users. Only group admins have the ability to turn off comments for posts in Facebook groups. If you’re a group administrator and want to disable comments on specific posts, you can follow these steps:

Comment blocking in Facebook posts

First, open the Facebook app.

Step 2 Click Groups from your Feed and choose your group.

Step 3 To see groups, you can click on the See More button.

4: Next, click on the post that you wish to disable comments.

Click the 3 dots to select Turn off Commenting.

Facebook does not allow you to limit comments for personal posts. Instead, users could add the Facebook friend to a restricted list. By adding friends to the restricted list, they can see information available publically, but only the one shared with their Facebook friends.

Facebook states that adding someone to your Restricted List will still allow you to be friends with them, but you can only see their public information. This includes your posts, profile info (which you decide to make public), and tags you have given them. Here’s how to add someone to your Restricted List.

How do you add people to Facebook’s Restricted List?

First, open Facebook. Next, go to the profile page of the friend you wish to add to your restricted list.

Step 2 Click at the top to access their profiles.

Step 3 Edit Friends List.

Step 4 – Select Restricted.