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Netflix has this annoying feature where it autoplays the movie and shows previews on the homepage while you are browsing through the streaming platform. This autoplay feature is turned on by default for all users. Thankfully, users do have an option turn it off if they want.

Do note that any changes that you make in your profile will be limited to your profile only across all the devices. Settings of other profiles connected to the account will remain unchanged.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to turn off the autoplay feature on Netflix.

How to turn off the autoplay previews feature on Netflix

  1. Log in to your Netflix account via a web browser
  2. Go to the menu and tap on “Manage Profiles”
  3. Select your profile
  4. Uncheck the option to Autoplay previews while browsing through the platform

You will also see categories like profile name, language, and parental controls in the same section. Netflix clarifies that it might take a little while for Settings to get updated. However, you can force the update by switching to another profile and then opening your profile. If that does not work, log out of your Netflix account and then log in again. After this, the updated setting will reflect in your settings.

Notably, Netflix acknowledged that the autoplay feature can be a bit unnecessary for many. Hence, shared the steps to disable it.

Disabling the autoplaying feature will let binge-watchers watch movies and shows peacefully. For the unversed, there are a few Netflix secret codes that will let users find unexplored content on the platform across all genres.