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YouTube’s new silent autoplay function is not a popular addition. If a video is playing in the background, it will be added to your history. It usually occurs when you browse through similar videos in your feed. For some people Autoplay can be helpful. It allows them to find similar content and new videos. Similar to Spotify, Autoplay suggests new songs based upon what you’ve just heard.

This feature is not for everyone. However, it does have some benefits. After the video you have not clicked has been saved to your history it won’t play back from the beginning when you view the video again. It will instead pick up the video from where it stopped autoplay.

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YouTube AutoPlay: How do I disable it?

You can disable the autoplay feature on YouTube, but you won’t be able to take it out forever. This is how you can disable autoplay in YouTube’s subscription and home tabs.

First, open YouTube Settings

Start YouTube and click on your profile icon at the top. This will open a page with sub-menus. Navigate to Settings.

Step 2: Click on the General tab

There are many options under the Settings page you just opened. This includes a sub-section dedicated to Autoplay. But, we won’t find the toggles that we need today here. Instead, go to the General section directly above. Find the “Muted Playback In Feeds” option in it. There should be three choices: Always on, Wi-Fi only, or Off. Select the one you like and then click “OK”.

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It’s not very appropriate to name the setting as it doesn’t actually toggle on or off the auto-playing audio content. You’re actually turning the feature off. You can still turn off auto-playing videos by turning them off until you click on the button.


Quick tip: Go to Youtube, right-click a video and open it in a new tab. Repeat this several times until you have some YouTube videos. The video will automatically start when you switch to any of the tabs. YouTube autoplay is enabled at the bottom. 12 May 2021

YouTube has updated its home feed mobile app to allow videos to automatically play (without sound) while users browse. Our guide will help you stop YouTube videos automatically showing up on your homefeed.

Click on the video to watch it.
Tap the Autoplay button at the top of your video player to turn it on or off.

This is what does it mean? YouTube makes more money if you watch more videos. YouTube’s autoplay feature is an innovative way to get viewers to spend more time using the app or site. 09/03/2022

Extensions you have installed on your browser might be in conflict with YouTube’s autoplay function. To find the root cause, disable all extensions from your browser. Then enable each one one at a time to identify it. To get rid of the problem, you can disable all extensions in your browser and then enable them one by one.


YouTube’s autoplay function is not well-received by its users. Users have to manually pause and resume the video. This new feature can be used to find content similar to your interests. After you have watched the video, however, it is possible to turn off this feature.