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Clubhouse launched dark mode for its platform finally, even though it came late. Clubhouse announced the launch of dark mode on its platform for Android and iOS users around the world tomorrow (April 14th).

Clubhouse claims it is “exactly as you’d expect”: Light text but not too light against a velvety background.

Clubhouse: What can I do to turn off the dark mode?

These are the quick steps you can take to activate dark mode in Clubhouse

  1. Navigate to Settings within the Clubhouse app.
  2. Select the Dark Mode option
  3. Choose the dark mode you prefer from either “Always Dark Mode”, or “User Device Setting”.

Alessandro Paluzzi was a tipter who predicted the feature back in March. You could choose from two modes: Always in Dark, Always in Light or the exact same as your device.

Clubhouse said that all of your questions and concerns have been addressed. We have spotted your tweets. We’ve made mockups for the UI that you have requested. We are happy with the UI we created, even though it was more difficult than expected. Today, we’re beginning to roll out Clubhouse dark mode in all of its moody, non-blinding-you-at-3-am glory.”

Clubhouse offers many games through their mobile app. The app will allow users to access a complete deck of Wild Cards Game Room Cards that provide a variety of conversation options. You can set time limits, answers and other parameters.


Step 1: Click on Start to activate dark themes for Google on Windows 10. Or press the Windows WIN key. Step 5: Finally, choose dark under “Choose a default app mode”. This will make dark mode available in the settings app.

On your Android device, open Google Chrome . Tap More Settings Themes at the top of your screen. 02/03/2021

– Launch the Google Search App.
– Click on the profile icon at the top left corner.
– Click on General > Settings
Scroll down to tap on the Theme.
Choose Dark

Go to Settings on your phone. Choose Accessibility. Select Accessibility.

Navigate to Settings > Personalization > Colours. Next, open the drop-down menu for Colors and select Dark. The appearance of Windows Start menu, built-in apps and dark mode (or light) modifies.


Clubhouse launched dark mode for its platform finally, even though it came late. Clubhouse announced today that the dark mode will be available for Android and iOS users around the world. It is scheduled to go live on April 14th. Clubhouse also revealed that they will be adding “GAMES”, a game feature, to their platform.