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Social media users are now sharing cartoon pictures with friends and family. The cartoon character filter allows users to create animated and 3D cartoon characters.

Snap Camera tool is a desktop version of Snapchat that lets you turn photos into animated characters. Snap camera tool lets users transform themselves into cartoon characters during video calls on Zoom and other video calling platforms.

This guide will show you how to transform yourself from a Zoom user into a cartoon character for a Zoom video call or any other video calling platform.

For your next video conference, how to transform into a cartoon character

First, download the Snap Camera Tool to your computer/desktop. You will need Windows 10 and macOS 10.13 versions or higher to install this tool. These versions are required for the tool to work.

Second Step: After the camera tool has been installed on your computer, you’ll need to give it access to your camera and microphone. Once these settings are available, the Snap Camera tool can function correctly.

3rd Step: Now you will need to set up the tool on your computer. After that, locate the cartoon filter you want and click on the apply button.

4. You can find the filter right there, alongside the other filters. After applying the filter you’ll be able to see your animated character live on screen. Now you can see the cartoon character on your computer screen.

Step 5 To make yourself a cartoon character in a video conference, you’ll need to set Snap camera tool as your default camera.

To make yourself a cartoon character on Zoom video calls, set Snap camera tool to be your default input camera. Go to the Settings menu. The camera settings can be disabled or enabled as needed.

After the camera setting has been enabled, you’ll appear like a cartoon character in a Zoom call. To turn off camera effects during Zoom calls, click the arrow beside the “Stop Video” option. Next, choose the next option to toggle to webcam output.