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Sometimes, you might send an email that contains incorrect information or a huge error. You may feel that you need an “unsend” button. Although there’s no way to unsend email from Gmail, it does give you a brief time to retrieve the message after sending. This feature may be familiar to you. If you set the timer, the Undo button will appear on your screen when you send an email.

The email will be canceled once you have pressed the Undo button. Keep in mind, however that the Undo button disappears as soon as you click on any other option within Gmail. You can use both the browser and Gmail to send or unsend messages. Google offers a secure mode within Gmail. This is an excellent option. This means that recipients will not be able to copy, forward, print or download an email unless you have enabled this mode. Continue reading to learn how to recall and undo an email.

Gmail: How do I recall/unsend emails?

Step 1. You have an opportunity to stop sending emails. You can cancel an email immediately after it has been sent.

Second Step: At the bottom of the page, there’s “Message sent” as well as the option to “Undo” (or “View message”).

Step 3 Click Undo.

What is the best way to decide how long it takes to remember a message?

First: Go to Gmail on your computer.

Second Step: Click Settings Settings in the upper right corner and click See All Settings.

3rd Step: Select a Cancel Send period of 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds from the menu.