How to use Amazon Prime Video ‘Shuffle episodes’ feature

Amazon Prime Video for Android now has a new button called “Shuffle episodes”, which randomly plays episodes. This feature is useful for those who don’t want episodes to be played in the order they were ordered and do not wish to pick which episode to watch next. Users can click the button “Shuffle episodes” to randomly view episodes.

We are also seeing the new button, located between the “Download” and “More” buttons. Here’s how you can use Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Shuffle Episodes’ button:

How to use Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Shuffle episodes” feature

* As of right now, iOS users are not able to access the ‘Shuffle episodes.

To access this feature, Android users must update the Amazon Prime Video App to the most recent version.

You can open a series or show and select the seasons you wish to see random episodes.

To play an episode randomly from the current season, click the “Shuffle Episodes” button.

The feature will only play episodes from one season. For example, the “Shuffle Episodes” button only plays episodes from season 1.

A similar feature is being tested by Rival Netflix. It will select the type of content that users would enjoy based on what movies or shows they’ve previously viewed or added to their lists.

In July 2020, Netflix began testing its ‘Shuffle play’ feature. This feature will go global in the first quarter of 2021.

We’ve also been testing an exciting new feature, which allows members to select to immediately watch a specific title instead of browsing. It has received positive reviews and will be rolled out worldwide in the first quarter of 2021, Netflix reported in its Q4 2020 earnings.