How to use self-chat feature on WhatsApp to create notes, to-do list

WhatsApp is a cross-messaging app owned by Facebook that lets users send text messages, photos and videos as well as documents. Users will enjoy a seamless user experience as the company constantly updates and improves on WhatsApp. Some features may not be used often, but there are many that will save you time. Self-chat, which can also be used within the app to access and take notes on important documents, is one example of a useful feature.

Although the feature is simple to use it isn’t very well-liked by WhatsApp users. Here’s how to use the self-chat function if you don’t know.

How to Use Self-Chat on WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s self chat feature allows you to take notes and save links to your favourite videos to review later. It can also be used to make to-do-lists. This is how it works:

Open any browser from your PC or phone.

In the address bar, type and then add your WhatsApp number. Before entering your mobile number, you will need to enter your country code. It will be for Indian residents.

-Next up, click enter. A window prompt will appear asking you to open WhatsApp if you’re using a computer. You can click on “Continue Chat.”

It will open in a new browser with the following options: Download WhatsApp, or Use WhatsApp Web.

If you’re on a phone, WhatsApp will open with your phone number on the top. Start chatting, add notes and save files.

You can access the chat and all links from your devices as well, so you have easy access to all information.

WhatsApp has reportedly been working to create an ‘Undo’ feature which will enable users to instantly pull down any content that was posted to the WhatsApp Status. The feature is similar to Instagram Stories, where you can delete posts even after they are shared on the platform.