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Instagram has recently introduced a new “Add Yours” sticker for stories on the platform. This sticker lets users interact with others on the platform by creating a public thread so that anyone can respond, post, or participate in it. This interactive sticker lets users make a content chain among their friends that can be based on any topic, for example, “outfit of the day”, “best sunset picture” and so on. This way, others can also add pictures about the same topic to their Stories.

Instagram was testing this feature in select regions as of now. This interactive sticker has now been released globally.

How to use the new ‘Add yours’ sticker on Instagram

  1. Upload an image on your Instagram story
  2. Tap on the smiley face icon in the top right corner
  3. Tap on the “Add Yours” sticker
  4. Type your caption and post your story

Viewers can see who all participated in the trend simply by tapping on the sticker in the story. They will be able t0 see stories of everyone who have taken part in the thread. Viewers can also add their photos and become a part of this trend simply by tapping on the sticker on others’ Stories. According to Instagram, this feature will allow creators to get more followers on the platform.

The new “Add Yours” sticker has been rolled out after the “Link Sticker” that was rolled out recently. Earlier, Instagram users had to add the “Swipe Up” option to add links to their stories. The new Link Sticker lets viewers simply tap on the sticker twice to visit the link. Notably, this feature is available for all users on Instagram, unlike the swipe-up method which was available only for users with 10,000+ followers.

Additionally, Instagram has released three new Diwali-themed stickers. The stickers are launched as part of the global campaign #ShareYourLight created in collaboration with Bengaluru-based illustrator, muralist, and pattern designer Neethi.

These stickers will be visible to your followers in a Diwali multi-author story. Whenever you post stories using these stickers, they will be visible to the followers.