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WhatsApp has the most active monthly users worldwide and is India’s preferred messaging app. This kind of power can make WhatsApp a powerful medium for spreading information, or misinformation. The chats allow for millions of messages to be sent that relate to politics, health and people. This creates a huge data set with unverified information. In the past, fact-checkers have been paired with the company to debunk false news. A chatbot has now been created to help users verify their health information. THIP Media has announced the new chatbot ‘Ask Raksha’, a platform for fact-checking.

THIP Media is a signatory to International Fact Checking Network. (IFCN). THIP Media works with medical professionals in fact checking misleading claims and news about treatment, health, and medicine. This platform is available in English, Hindi and Bengali as well as Gujarati, Gujarati and Nepali.

Raksha is an acronym for Readily Accessible Knowledge, Support for Health Action and Support for Health Action. This app is built using the WhatsApp Business platform. Indians can use it to get answers and fact-check health information free of cost. Users can get answers to their questions directly. You can subscribe to health tips and play a quiz that will help you assess your health. Although the chatbot currently only works in English, the company has confirmed it will soon be available in Hindi and Bengali.

What is the best way to get RAKSHA via WhatsApp?

Users can access RAKSHA’s chatbot by simply sending a “Hi!” to +91-8507885079 via WhatsApp.

Shivnath Thakral, WhatsApp India’s Public Policy Director said that “We are pleased to support the Launch of Ask RAKSHA” – A chatbot developed on WhatsApp Business. This bot will allow users to access reliable health information provided by an independent fact-checker certified by the International Fact-Checking Network. WhatsApp is committed to the safety and security of its users. We have made efforts to provide resources and tools to enable users to verify and get authentic information. We have been partnering with many NGOs and ministries over the past two years, including with the Indian Government. The MyGov Corona Helpdesk was launched on WhatsApp by the Indian Government. It provides easy access to verified and accurate Covid information. Ask RAKSHA, another partnership that ensures citizens have reliable access to information about health-related queries is also available.

Sudipta Singupta is the CEO of The Healthy Indian Project. This helps us to achieve THIP Media’s goal of providing credible information on health for all Indians, and it also protects them against misinformation. This launch comes on the heels of International Fact Checking Day (IFD) and World Health Day. It is a great feeling.



WhatsApp has the most active monthly users worldwide and is India’s preferred messaging app. This kind of power can make WhatsApp an effective medium for spreading information, or misinformation. Millions of people receive messages that relate to politics and health.