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Battlegrounds Mobile India is the latest BR game to hit the Google Play Store. The game had been initially available for download to Android users in an early access version, but it is now officially open for everyone. This is a great news for those who eagerly waited to test the new avatar of PUBG Mobile, but Krafton’s announcement will likely upset gamers.

Battlegrounds Mobile Data Transfer from PUBG Mobile Temporarily Shutting Down from Next Week

Krafton shared a notice to the Battlegrounds Mobile India official website that stated that the data transfer service between PUBG Mobile and BGMI would be temporarily suspended from July 6th until further notice. The reason for the temporary shutdown was not explained by Krafton, except that it was due to maintenance. Players will no longer be able transfer their data between PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India starting next week. Krafton claims it will provide data transfer services to India fans in order for their data to be safe.

Players who are unable to/cannot transfer their data to BGMI before this date will be given the opportunity to do so again. According to the South Korean developer, players who tried Livik on PUBG Mobile can transfer their account data to BGMI. Further data transfers will earn them pre-registration rewards. Here’s a quick guide for those who have already downloaded Battlegrounds Mobile India and cannot find a way to transfer their PUBG Mobile data.

Transfer PUBG Mobile data from Battlegrounds Mobile India

Step 1: Launch Battlegrounds Mobile India on your Android phone.

Step 2: Accept the Privacy Policy. Once you have done this, the next page will allow you to Log in.

Step 3: You have two options. Choose Facebook or Twitter in the login menu. Accept the Terms of Service once you have selected.

Step 4: A prompt asking for your consent to transfer data to the “Account Data Transfer” would appear. If you are a resident of India, click on the Yes button. Next, you will be asked for consent to transmit data to “New App”, press the Yes button.

Step 5: Next, confirm your consent and authorize the transfer of data from Proxima Beta Pvt. Tap on the “Yes” option to change from Limited (operator for PUBG Mobile), to Krafton, (operator in Battlegrounds Mobile India).

Step 6: You’ll be directed to the login page for your chosen platform. Fill in your details.

Step 7 – On the last page, you will be asked to confirm that you consent to Proxima Beta Pvt. Limit to Krafton Choose the “Yes” option to have your PUBG Mobile data transferred to BGMI.

The data transfer service allows players to send PUBG Mobile data such as inventory, rank and skins to Battlegrounds Mobile India.