In just a few steps, clear your Android cache and cookies

Are you experiencing slow performance on your smartphone lately? Is your smartphone lagging lately? The cache and cookies could be behind your sluggishness. Our day is dominated by surfing the web, and every browser collects data.

To put it simply, the cache is data that web browsers store to speed up loading websites. Cookies are also used to save user preferences and other information. Websites can use cookies to keep track of browsing history. This is the worst part. If you visit several websites in order to verify a product’s features or price, ads will appear on your screen every time you start a new browser. It can sometimes be frustrating to see data on the screen, even though it may not be necessary. However, there will still be cookies.

These problems can be avoided by using a few simple solutions to ensure your browser runs smoothly.

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Clear cache and cookies in Android


To delete cached cookies from Google Chrome, tap the More button at the top-right corner.

Next, tap History and then choose Clear browsing data.

Alternately, go to Settings>> Chrome> Storage and cache

You would then be able clear Cache separately

Mozilla Firefox

These steps work in the same way as Google Chrome. Here’s how to clear cache and cookies from Mozilla Firefox Android App.

Click the “More” button in the upper right corner. It will display three vertical dots.

Delete browsing data by clicking Settings

It allows you to delete all Open tabs and your Browsing history. You can also remove site data, permissions and cache.

Privacy and security are the main reasons to clear cache and cookies. It is best to prevent unwanted eyes from spying on your credentials, even though web browsers can keep track of browsing history.