India’s best smart speakers under Rs. 5,000: Amazon Echo Dot and Mi Smart Speaker.


The new Echo Dot is good enough to be the default Alexa speaker in most rooms of your home. It no longer sounds horribly tinny, and it’s half the price of the bigger Echo. If you want better sound, you can easily hook it up to a larger speaker of your choice, or match it with another Dot as a stereo pair.

It is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, allowing you to use voice commands to control the device from other Alexa-compatible devices.

With the speaker, you can control Mi smart devices, including TV, TV box, TV sticks, air purifiers, vacuums, cameras, bulbs, lamps, smart fans, smart plugins, projectors, and so on. Pair two together in the same room for stereo separation and more detailed sound. You can also pair more for surround sound.31-Jul-2021

The Mi Smart Speaker At Rs 3,999 is just excellent value. It sounds better than Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen and Google Nest Mini which makes it an easy recommendation for someone who is looking for affordable smart speakers to control smart home devices.15-Feb-2021

Like Google Nest audio products, two Amazon Alexa smart speakers can be linked together as a stereo pair! It’s a great way to easily upgrade the audio experience from just a single Amazon Echo device.28-Nov-2020

A WiFi connection at home is mandatory to connect the smart speaker to your phone. Ensure both devices are connected to the same network for seamless connection. You can also connect the speaker using your phone’s Bluetooth.18-Oct-2020


Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) is $89 in India. The smart speaker is made of recycled material, claims Google. The Nest Mini also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. As per the company, the smart speaker is 2X stronger bass than