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All adventurers are welcome! My website is yours. We appreciate you watching the 27th episode of our feats Series. Today, we’ll examine one of 5e’s most recognizable feats and one that is at the top of all levels. Today we’re checking out Inspirational leader feat. this absolute beauty of a feat is found in the players handbook and honestly it’s worth taking a look at regardless of your class. How do you get this secret? In the description section, I’ll tell you.


First and foremost it might be worth noting that there is a prerequisite here and that is you have got to have a charisma of 13 or higher and let me tell you if you picked charisma’s you’re dumped stat, i feel for you the description reads as followed.

Prerequisite:Charisma 13+

In just a few moments, you can inspire your friends to fight. This will allow you to select up six friendly creatures within 30 feet of your location. These creatures must have the ability to hear and see you. If the creature does not complete the short or long rest, it will lose any temporary hit points.

Fantastic, at a glance it might seem that this feat is kind of good but i’ll tell you what makes it absolutely game breaking here in the walkthrough section.


So, first and foremost let’s break it down just a little bit. This basically means that you spend ten minutes getting your friends ready and prepared for a fight.

Let’s say, for example, that you have a level 2 charisma modifier. This modifies your ability to either increase hit points temporarily or increase your overall level to 6. Now what might be worth noting is it actually doesn’t denote how many times you can use this feat throughout the day. This feat grants creatures temporary hitpoints for short rests or long periods.

But it doesn’t say that you can only use it once for short or long rest. What this means and what makes it kind of game breaking is if you have let’s say a hundred or let’s just sixty people for argument’s sake, you just have to do this ten times and all of them have temporary hit points.

Not to mention the beauty of it’s scaling with your level cannot be understated. This feat is useful for any level from 4 to 1 in your variant human up to 20. These temporary hitpoints are very useful and can easily change the flow in battle. These temporary hitpoints can make you one among the most productive players in your party. This is great stuff. Let’s get into my personal thoughts and let me share with you some other insights on it.


This feat is easy to use: simply tell your friends at each beginning of each day that this was possible. There’s no time limit on how often or on how long the temporary hit points can be enacted, it is kind of implied though that they go away after a short or long rest. But it’s not actually we put there as written.

It is up to your DM whether they are open to listening. This is a great feat for those who are most affected. thematically i want to say paladin’s that make sense for them to get people riled up, it make sense for them to have a high charisma as well. Outside of them you know any charisma based caster that would be the warlock and the sorcerer namely they would also make some fine use of the spell and the fact that they’re typically the squishier characters.

Anyways! It’s a great way to increase their combat sturdiness. That explained warlock in particular could make really great use of this and it also applies to any creature as you summon in so perhaps if you’re a sorcerer who specializes in summoning this could really help give your summons another leg up on the competition.

You can use your Telepathy to talk to all creatures if you choose the classic warlock. It even allows you to bypass the requirement that you know your language traits.

That being said, i think that’s all i really have to say about this solid pick especially if your party doesn’t really have a designated healer this is a great way to add stability to everyone in your group. To be an inspirational leader, share your wild ideas below. If you have any thoughts or ideas, please let me know. I’m sure that everyone who reads this article will. We appreciate your time and wish that you have a wonderful day.