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Instagram has yet again cloned features from its rival TikTok. But this time around Facebook (now called Meta) backed social media app has added an accessibility feature and another audio tool to benefit low-vision people.

The new Text to Speech and Voice Effects audio tools are added to the Reels tab. While the former will let creators use an artificial voice to read any text they add, the latter will allow modifying the voiceover. The social media platform announced the new tools on its official Creators page.

“Attention Reels creators! We know that using sound and audio is one of the funniest aspects of creating a 🔥 Reel! So today we’re launching two new audio tools called Voice Effects and Text to Speech. Swipe through to learn more about how to use them to take your Reels to the next level,” Instagram posted.

These new tools are accessible via the Reels tab. The text-to-speech can be found within the text tool in the Instagram Reels camera. Meanwhile, Voice Effects will let you be quirky giving you options to add an artificial voice to the voiceover. Here’s how to use the new tools on Instagram.

How to use Text to Speech tool on Instagram

  • To use the new tool here’s what you need to do
  • Open the Reels Camera in the app
  • You can record a video or upload it from your phone gallery
  • Next up, navigate and tap on the Text tool
  • Then tap on the text bubble and from the three dots menu select Text to Speech
  • Instagram has provided two options- Voice 1 and Voice 2. Select and then press the Post option

How to use Voice Effects tool on Instagram

The new Voice Effects tool will allow modifying the voice during the narration. There are five options available at the moment- announcer, helium, giant, robot, and vocalist that you can choose from. Here’s how to use them-

  • First, record a Reel and then tap on the music note to open the audio mixer.
  • An effects menu will pop up, just select the one that you want to modify your reel.

These new tools have been rolled out for both Instagram iOS, and WhatsApp platforms.