Instagram Link Stickers share in Stories now available for everyone: Here’s how to use it

Instagram users will now have access to the Link Sticker feature in Stories, the company announced on Wednesday. While the feature was tested on a limited number of users mostly those having a verified account or with a certain number of followers, the Facebook-owned company has now expanded the ability for all users on the platform.

“We’ve heard from the rest of our community that they also want to share things that matter with their friends and family. Whatever you’re into, from cooking to volunteering or shopping, you now have a space to share in Stories— regardless of your account size,” Instagram mentioned in its blog post.

The social app further said that it is working on ‘ways to customise’ the sticker so that it is clear for the users what they will see when they tap a link on Instagram Stories. One can access the feature by tapping the sticker tool from the top navigation bar while uploading content to their Story. Instagram has put a simple explanation on how to use the feature-

How to add links stickers to Instagram Stories

– To add a link sticker, first capture or upload content to your story.
– Then select the sticker tool from the top navigation bar.
– Select the Link sticker, drop in the link you want, and then press ‘Done’.
– Place the sticker on your story wherever you want and you can also tap on the sticker to see colour variations.

While its parent company has been severely criticized for encouraging the spread of hate speech in its platform over time, Instagram has been taking added precautions to save itself from ‘thorny issues.’ The social platform had earlier noted (via TechCrunch) that the decision to expand Link Sticker access to all the users had to be made carefully, as it could impact the app’s integrity and safety. Going forward, any new account or accounts that repeatedly promote hate speech or spread misinformation via the platform won’t have access to the Link Sticker feature.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to limit harmful content on Instagram, new accounts and accounts that repeatedly share things like hate speech and misinformation, or other content that violates our Community Guidelines will not have access to the Link sticker,” Instagram stated.

But while the feature will now broaden the access for everyone to share links through their accounts, Instagram says that the approach will help users to engage their community and grow their reach on the platform.