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Instagram has long since introduced the capability to upload vanishing videos and photos. While Instagram Stories was copied by Snapchat, Instagram Stories has become quite popular due to its many features.

You can add music to Stories to create fun, disappearing videos and images. You can also use it to express yourself without a caption.

We will show you how to add music to your Instagram Stories. Continue reading for more information.

How do you add music to Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories section is where all the magic happens. It can be found in the upper left corner. This is what you need to do:

First: Download the Instagram app for Android and iOS.

Step 2 Access the Stories section, by clicking left.

Step 3 – Now you will need to select media from the gallery of your phone, click on a photo, create a video or choose an existing image.

Step 4 Once you’ve decided what content you wish to publish, click on the Sticker icon located in the upper portion.

– Step 5: You will see multiple stickers options, including GIFs and location tags. The Music sticker allows you to upload music to Instagram Stories. Choose the appropriate option.

Step 6

7: After making a decision and scrolling through all the choices, you can now make edits.

Step8 You have the option to show lyrics in four font styles or two music player options. Select the song bit to select which portion of the music you wish to include. Your Instagram Story can have up to 15 seconds worth of music.

Step 9. Once you have made all your decisions, tap the “Done” option at the top of the screen, then select the “Send to” option. Your Story has been shared. It can be shared with others.

You can add music to Instagram Stories by shrinking the sticker. Then drag it up to the top to remove the sticker. You will still see the sticker, but the background music will play.

Instagram Stories allows you to upload music, which makes your posts more interesting. This feature is being used by many people. Now that you are familiar with how it works, add songs to your Stories.

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