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Instagram has introduced new functionality for creators on the platform. The creators will now be able to add moderators during their live streams. This moderator will be able to report comments, remove viewers from the stream, and turn off comments for a specific viewer.

To assign a moderator during a live stream, all you need to do is tap on the three horizontal dots in the comment bar. These moderators can be chosen from the suggested accounts, or search for a particular account in the search bar. This option will let users avoid inappropriate content and address concerns during the Instagram live sessions.

For the unversed, Facebook has added tools to remove trolls during the broadcast on the platform, similar to Instagram’s moderation feature.

To let creators earn money on the platform, Instagram introduced subscriptions for users. Instagram said that with Subscriptions, creators will be able to “develop deeper connections with their most engaged followers and grow their recurring monthly income by giving subscribers access to exclusive content and benefits.”

“Starting today, we’re beginning to test subscriptions with a handful of creators who will be able to set a monthly price of their choice, unlock a “subscribe” button on their profile,” Instagram wrote in a blog post.

Recently, the Meta-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram has added new tagging options that will show added details about a person to help credit collaborators. These tags will display the roles of collaborators whose work isn’t immediately visible on the platform.

Instagram acknowledges that the many collaborators’ work suggested the feature will be used to highlight behind-the-scenes creators who sometimes get unnoticed.