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Apple iOS 14.5 is available worldwide and brings many key features, including more voice options for Siri. The new update allows users to choose between four Siri voice options, rather than the previous two.

You can change Siri’s default voice by downloading and installing the iOS 14.5 latest update. Click on Software Update to check for updates. Users should now see iOS 14.5 as it is being released globally. Click on the Download and Install button.

iOS 14.5 brings iOS 2 with it many other features, including the Voice Options for Siri and the support for AirTag. It also supports separate skin tones for couples and emojis.

Apple released a statement saying that iOS 14.5 has removed Siri’s default voice. Users can choose which voice they prefer when setting up the device. In English, there are more voice options.

“These Siri Voices use Neural Text To Speech technology to produce an incredible sound. We look at the steps to alter Siri’s voice on iOS 14.5

iOS 14.5: How to Change Siri Voice

First, make sure that you have iOS 14.5/iPadOS 14.5 OS. Go to Settings > General > About. You will see the Software Version section.

* If you don’t have iOS 14.5, then the latest software can be downloaded at Settings > General > Software update. Select the Download and install option.

*To change Siri’s Voice, go to Settings and then select the Siri & Search option. Select the Siri Voice option.

* Choose “American” from Variety.

You will find 4 voice options that Siri can use. After previewing the options, choose which voice option you would like Siri to use.