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Apple officially launched the iOS 14.5 update on Monday for all users worldwide. Apple has released the latest iOS update, which brings privacy enhancements to its operating system and app ecosystem. It is called App Tracking Transparency. iOS 14.5 also includes one of the most anticipated features: users can now unlock their iPhones with a face mask.

Since the outbreak of pandemics in early last year, our friend and companion has been the face mask. The mask helped us defeat the deadly coronavirus but iPhone users still have problems unlocking their Face ID.

Apple’s iOS 14.5 update fixes the issue after almost a year spent unlocking iPhones using passcodes. iOS 14.5 updates allows users to unlock their iPhone with a face mask. This comes with a caveat.

The Apple Watch is what allows users to bypass FaceID when the mask is on. You will need an Apple Watch to be able to access this feature in the iOS latest update.

Apple Watch owners can use the face-mask unlock feature by keeping the iPhone and watch close together. This will allow you to simply turn on your iPhone to unlock it.

Use the facial mask to unlock your Apple iPhone

This feature requires iOS 14.5 on your iPhone and Apple Watch with watchOS 7.4.
Once you have done this, it is easy to unlock your iPhone with a face mask.
Next, navigate to the Settings menu
Head over to the Face ID and Passcode options
Scroll down until you see the Unlock With Apple Watch Option
Turn on the feature. You will only need to change the settings of your iPhone, and not on the watch.

How to Install iOS 14.5 On Your iPhone

To get started, go to the Settings app
Click on the General tab
Click on the Software Update button
Wait for Apple servers to complete the update. It will take some time for the update to be downloaded and prepared for installation.
Once the download has completed, restart your device in order to apply the update.

Before you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 14.5 we recommend that your phone be connected to a reliable network. Also, make sure to back up all data to iCloud.