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Living with the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic has had a profound impact on our daily lives. Many people are trying to stay in their homes and avoid getting sick. If you’re travelling by train, don’t wait for it to arrive at your station. Instead, get on the train as soon as possible and make sure you stay safe.

You can track the status of the train via WhatsApp, so you don’t have to wait at the station. Chatbots have been developed by several services, including Railofy and MakeMyTrip. They allow you to view the current status of your train on your smartphone. We will show you how to keep up with the train running status and PNR status. Also, we’ll be discussing upcoming stations, past railway stations, and other information.

There are many other methods to find out these details, such as dialling 139 and downloading random third-party apps on your phone. While dialling 139 can be cumbersome and may result in human errors, it is possible to download a random third-party app.

Check Indian Railways IRCTC Train Running Status and PNR status using WhatsApp (Railofy).

Step 1. Get Railofy’s Train Enquiry Number (+91-98811933222) on your Smartphone.

Second Step: Use WhatsApp to open the WhatsApp chat window and enter the Railofy train enquiry number contact that you have previously saved.

3rd Step: Contact your 10-digit PNR Number.

4: Railofy will then automatically keep track of your train and assign you a PNR number.

5: The train status will be sent to you in multiple WhatsApp texts.

Check Indian Railways IRCTC Train Running Status and PNR Status via WhatsApp (MakeMyTrip).

Step 1. Download MakeMyTrip’s Railway Enquiry Number (+91-7349389104).

Second Step: Launch WhatsApp to access the chat window and save the contact.

Step 3 Send the train number to the contact in the text window. To track the train’s status, you can send it the PNR number (10 digits)

4th Step: After that, the company will provide all information about the train, including its current status, departure from and emerging stations, estimated arrival time, and other details.