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Jio allows subscribers to use its JioTunes calling tunes service to create a free caller song on their prepaid and postpaid numbers. A caller tune you choose is sent to the number as an emergency to replace the traditional ringtone. However, sometimes disruptions in the network can cause a robotic sound effect that may spoil the receiver’s mood. It can be simple to set a caller song, but repetitive repetitions of the same tune are annoying. There is an easy way to turn the caller’s tune back to its original dull tone. This simple, step-by-step procedure to disable JioTunes from your phone number may help you decide whether you want to leave the caller.

By SMS, how to disable Jio’s caller music

You can remove Jio Caller Tune from your phone number by sending an SMS to Stop to 56789, and selecting the option to cancel your JioTune subscription.

After activation, you’ll receive a confirmation message on your Jio phone number.

How to deactivate Jio caller tune via MyJio app

Start the Jio App on Your Device

You can find JioTunes in the menu above JioFiber.

Click the button to go to “My Subscription” page.

Tap the button at the bottom to activate the JioTune.

Once your request has been accepted, click ‘Yes’ to receive confirmation popup.

How to disable the Jio Caller Tune by IVR

You can remove the JioTunes caller music by IVR. Simply dial 155223 and follow the IVR instructions to disable the JioTunes service.

You will be notified by SMS when your JioTunes subscription is deactivated.