Learn how to immediately use a pulse oximeter and determine blood oxygen levels

One gadget that has become much more important to have than smartphone these days is that tiny little pulse oximeter. Everyone in these tough COVID times have pulse oximeter at home, people who don’t are looking to buy a good one. At this time, purchasing a good oximeter means spending at least Rs 2500, that is if you want to buy a good one from a renowned brand. Oximeters are readily available on various online platforms as well as offline stores across the country.

We previously discussed the tips to keep in mind before purchasing a pulse oximeter. Today, we will talk about how one should use a pulse oximeter the right way.

Pulse oximeter buying guide: Check certifications

How to use pulse oximeter correctly

-First thing first, before testing the blood oxygen level, you must rest for 10-15 mins and take deep breathe. This will help in accurate measurement.

-You must rest a hand on the chest and hold still for a while

-Choose the right finger. Place the oximeter either on your middle or index finger. If you think the oximeter is showing random figures, change the hand and try again.

-You must keep the pulse oximeter in the same place till the reading is stable

Pulse oximeter buying guide: Check features and brand

-Register only the highest result once the reading has been stabilised. You need to wait for a few seconds for that

-Ensure to identify the reading carefully

-It is recommended to track your blood oxygen level atleast thrice a day. If there are signs of weakness or any COVID symptoms, check even more frequently

-Ensure to consult a medical professional in case of breathlessness or drop in blood oxygen level below 93 percent or less.

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Tips to buy pulse oximeter

-Check the type of oximeter. At homes, people usually buy pulse oximeter as it’s is readily available and at much affordable price tag.

-Check for accuracy, that’s important. It’s always better to go for a good relatively expensive oximeter and not the cheap ones.

-Check for certifications. This is extremely important for any health gadgets. but only the ones that offer certifications.

-Check features and brand. Always opt for a good brand.