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All adventurers. Welcome to my website Thank you for viewing the 29th episode in our feats series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at dnd5e lightly-armored feat perfect for the characters out there who just need a little bit of AC to get donald they need to do and it is found in the player’s handbook. Now there’s not a whole lot to this one. That being said though let’s check out the description so we can kind of get the just of it.


First, there is no requirement. It is therefore not required. You can read the following description.

You will reap the following benefits if you have the ability to use light armour.

  • You can increase your Strength or Dexterity score by up to 20 point.
  • The proficiency can also be obtained by using light armor.

It’s amazing stuff. Pretty dang simple if you ask me. Having said that, Let’s take a look at a brief walkthrough.


It is easy to see the basics. Some plus one strength/Dex that’s pretty good and you gain light armor which is pretty good as well. Dex is probably the best choice for strength and Dex. The reason being a lot of light armor gets a better AC score for Dex but you’re a strength based character and you’re close to that modifier bump. You might be thinking about strength. Perfect let’s get to my personal thoughts on it. It’s gonna be a pretty short one today.


In terms of who benefits from it, you don’t know what i can really think of as the wizard in all honestly just because they really suffer from the lack of tankiness and this would be good way to kind of get them at the very least. They are kind of moving in the middle of a line, you see what I mean. They can still take a knock and can still dodge some things. They’re just not as exposed. Outside of that i can’t really imagine a whole lot of other classes would benefit from this.

You can also leave comments below if you have other thoughts, ideas or character designs. They are greatly appreciated by me and all those who read this article. I wish you a wonderful day and, as always, Happy Adventuring.