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A few months back, Instagram launched a new alternative to TikTok called Reels. Instagram Reels has become a popular way for users to create short, fun videos. The feature, which is part of Instagram, is quite popular at the moment, even though you may not make any.

If you’re one of these users, and you like Instagram Reels, and would rather save them to your Android or iOS device for binge-watching, or even sharing, then you’ve come to the right spot. We are going to show you how to download Reels videos directly to your Android and iOS devices. Keep reading for more information.

How do I download Instagram Reels (Android)

Instagram does not allow users to save Reels or Photos, Videos, Stories, directly. There are many third-party apps that can do this. We have the popular “INS Video Downloader” app for Android. It currently has over 10 million downloads. It’s safe and popular so we are confident in its safety. Let’s see what you can do.

First: Download the “INS Video Downloader” app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2 – Give it permissions like access to files and photos.

3: Next, go back to Instagram and select the Reels that you wish to save.

Step 4

Step 5 Copy the URL from the app above and paste it in the area at the top.

Step 6 : The video will now be saved to your app. But there’s one catch. The video will not be saved to your phone’s gallery. The video will need to be shared with Gmail or other applications so that you can then download it.

You can also log in to Instagram using the app, save your Instagram Reels and Videos, stories, and even IGTVs from other users.

How do I download Instagram Reels (iOS)

People can download an iOS application to store Instagram Reels and Stories as well as Videos. InSaver is the name of this app. How to do it?

Step 1. Open the App Shop, look for InSaver, then download it.

Step 2 – Once the app is installed, all you have to do now is open it and give it the permissions it needs.

Step 3 – To launch the Instagram app, tap the Launch Instagram button on your home screen.

Step 4 Select Reels that you wish to save and tap the menu with three dots to copy the Reels link.

Step 5 Copy the Reels once you have copied them. To save Instagram Reels, all you need to do is tap the “Repost” option. Reels can be saved to your camera roll and used as an Instagram Story or post.

It is worth noting that the functionality can be paid for and will cost you Rs 1,699 per year depending on how long you want. The good news is you get a free week of trial. You can choose to download as many Instagram Reels you like, cancel your subscription, or opt for it.

How do I download Instagram Reels (Hack 1)

Another way to save Instagram Reels is by going to the Instagram app. You can do this by going to Instagram and searching for Reels that you wish to download. You can either go to the profile of the user to access the Reels section, or you can use the Reels section to search randomly for the Reels and save them if desired.

Once you’ve opened the Reels that you wish to save, click the “Save” button. The Reels will be saved to your Instagram, not to the device. You can access your saved Reels by going to your profile section. Tap on the hamburger menu and select the “Saved” option.

Even though the Instagram Reels are not saved to your device by this method, you can save them so you have them available whenever you need them.

How do I download Instagram Reels (Hack 2)

A screen recording is another way to save Instagram Reels on your phone. You can use Android to screen record. After you have saved the video, you can edit it in the Gallery app to get the Reels that you desire.

Similar steps should be taken for iOS. You can go to Control Centre>> Click the Screen Recorder> Open Instagram> Choose the Reels that you wish to save> Keep recording the screen until it ends. You can also edit and delete any excess parts to preserve the Reels.

Here are some ways to easily download Instagram Reels. It is our hope that you can do this quickly and enjoy the ability to save your favorite ones, as well as sharing them with others.