LinkedIn Story Cover and Creator Mode: How to Use

LinkedIn now offers creator mode, which allows users to use hashtags to identify the topics that interest them most. This tool allows users to create “more expressive, inclusive profiles”. LinkedIn introduced the video Cover Story tool, which allows users to personalize their initial “hello” by allowing them to create a new profile.

Our creator community is the core of our ecosystem. Creators love sharing their thoughts on the latest news and insights about a particular industry. This can be in the form of a post or video or even comments. LinkedIn posted a blog post stating that the creator mode is now available in your Profile dashboard. Here’s how you can use LinkedIn Creator mode and the Cover Story tool.

How to use LinkedIn Creator Mode

LinkedIn Creator Mode allows you to add hashtags and keywords to your posts. One example is #mentorship or #design.

To make your content more visible, the Activity and Featured sections of your profile will move to the top.

* The “Connect” button is being replaced by “Follow,” which, according to the company, will allow you to engage with your community and create a following.

LinkedIn Cover Story Tool: What to Use

After you have added your Cover Story, an orange circle will be placed around your profile picture. You will see a preview of your video within the photo frame. However, it will not play at all.

LinkedIn also stated that captioning will soon be available.

LinkedIn stated in its blog that Cover Story was a good way to present yourself to hiring managers. It allows you to share your career goals and personality, as well as your communication skills.

LinkedIn Creator Mode and Cover Story Tool will be available to all members worldwide starting next week.