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Hello everyone welcome to our 2nd Level Spell series. Today we’re looking at a very special spell that a lot of us have looked at but i don’t think a lot of us have honestly used to its fullest extent. Today we’re looking at Find an object spell 5eIt does exactly what its name implies. It can be found in the Handbook for players It can also be used by the Bard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger Then there’s the Wizard. So basically all the main casters except for the sorcerer for some reasons which i really don’t understand but whatever in any case let’s take a look at it’s mechanics. However, we invite you visit our site. home pageThese are our official spellings.


  • Level: 2nd
  • Casting time1 Action
  • Range/Area:Self
  • Components: V, S, M *
  • Duration:Concentration: 10 Minutes
  • School:Divination
  • Attack/Save:None
  • Damage/Effect: Detection

Cast time is 1 action. The effect has a self-referential range. However, the effect area is actually 1000 feet. It lasts only 10 minutes. Unfortunately, it lasts only 10 minutes.Keep in mind the oncentration spell. The somatic is made up of three parts: the verbal, the material, and finally, the somatic. If you’re curious about the material component it is a forked twig not too sure why, so if you have any ideas you can share with us through the below comment section. The school is divination.

EffectiveHere is how it appears at a glance

Describe or name an object which you’re familiar with. It is possible to sense an object’s movement and location.

Now let’s take a look at the full description here. Let’s get down to it. How to find object 5e and we’ll go over its caveats as well.


The Locate Object Spell 5e asks you to describe and name any object that comes to mind. To the specific object’s location you can sense the direction but that object should be as long as within 1000 feet of you. You always know about the direction of the object’s movement so you do not have any disadvantages if the object is in the motion.

The d&d spells can locate the specific object which is known to you, as long as you’ve seen it up close within the 30 feet- but at least once. The 5e spell can, however, locate the closest object of the same type. This could be an item of clothing, jewelry, or furniture or a weapon.

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Normally, this d&d Locate Object Spell can not locate an object if any thickness of lead, even a thin sheet, blocks a direct path in between you and also the object.

Very interesting stuff, very cool so there’s two main caveat here:

The first being if you’re looking for a specific object you have to have seen it at least once and you have to have stood within 30 feet of it at least once. Good luck to the leader if they are willing to get involved. You can use your hooped as long it does not interfere directly with the object.

Now that’s i feel like that’s put in there so Dungeon Master’s don’t have the spell constantly wrecking their campaigns but it is worth pointing out.

Locate Object Spell Attributes

Casting Time1 Action
ClassesBard, Cleric, and Druid. Paladins. Paladins. Rangers. Wizard.
ComponentsV S M
TimeIt can take as long as 10 minutes
MaterialA forked twig
NameLocate an object
The RangeSelf

Now let’s get into some alternative uses here and i think there’s a quite a few good ones.

Other uses

The first was used to start a business. Essentially find people’s lost items for them and charge them a fee based on the item itself. This seems to work well. It can also be used to pinpoint a location. It can also be used to locate hidden doors or strongholds for bandits.

The only real downside to this spell as far as i can tell is that it will always take a spell slot and that it is concentration but if you’re using it outside of the combat that’s not huge deal.


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