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Instagram is a key social media platform that holds a great deal of importance. We value the amount of followers on Instagram. The more we have, the better. Even our unfollowers may not be aware of what we are doing in their lives.

It can be frustrating to lose followers, particularly if they were the ones you are following. This brings us to the biggest question: “How do I know who unfollowed me on Instagram?” There are a few apps that can help.

Although Instagram does not have this ability, there are many third-party apps that can do the same. We will be sharing our experiences with these apps. Keep reading for the latest Instagram followers and unfollows.

What is the best way to find out who has unfollowed your Instagram account?

You can find who has unfollowed your Instagram account using a variety of apps on both the Google Play Store and App Store. You can view who profile: Who Viewed my Ig – InsMaster. Unfollowers on Instagram likes, Reports+. Followers and Unfollowers. Unfollowers for Instagram.

The Who Profile app and Reports+ were tested. Android users can also access the latter app. You can choose which one suits your needs best. Keep in mind, however that apps will most likely have access to your personal details. If you’re okay with this, then you can go ahead and use the app. Here’s how you can use these apps.

Who Profile: Views from Followers

Here’s how to proceed once you’ve found the app ‘Who Profile: Views and Followers’ on the App store.

First: Launch the iPhone app.

Step 2 Login to the app using your Instagram credentials.

Step 3 – Once you have done this, an analysis will be performed on your Instagram account. A few minutes later, you will see the details of your followers/unfollowers.

Step 4 – You can tap the “People who didn’t follow back” option to view the entire list and then decide whether or not to follow them.

Step 5 – You can view your profile, see who you are following, and also check out your stalkers. This can only be done once. After that, you’ll need to pay some money to upgrade your account.

This app works best when you want to check if people you haven’t followed are those you do follow.


Reports+ works the same way as other apps (or any others). These are the steps:

Step 1. Once the application has been downloaded, you need to open it.

Step 2 Login to Instagram using your username and password.

Step 3 : After this occurs, all data will be displayed if you refresh the app.

Step4: In addition to the option of seeing the followers that you have lost and the ones you gained, you also can view the blocked people, the new viewers for your story, the followers you’ve gained, as well as the blockers.

Unfortunately, not all features on both apps are free. You can cancel your subscription by requesting a free trial and obtaining all necessary information.

Both the apps are simple to use. However, Reports+ does have ads which can make the experience less enjoyable. The Pro version does not contain any ads.

What can you do to find out if an Instagram user has unfollowed your account?

You don’t have to use third-party apps to find out who has unfollowed your Instagram account. Instead, follow this manual procedure: This involves checking both your Followers and –Followers lists to determine how many of your followers have been lost or who you unfollowed.

The apps can be used if you do not want to deal with the headaches. Let us know what you think about these apps. Feel free to let us know about any app you like so we can add it to our article.