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The internet has simplified our lives. Once you connect your computer to an office network or home network, you won’t have to reconnect it to the same network again. As long as you do not change the password. What if another device needs to be connected to that WiFi network?

You can quickly find your password as long as your computer is connected to the WiFi network. This is what you should do.

What to do if you need to know your WiFi password?

Here’s what Windows PC users can do to locate the WiFi password you are connected to.

First, click the Start button to go to the Control Panel.

Step 2 Next, go to Internet and Network settings.

Step 3 For Windows 11 users, look for the Network & Sharing Center.

4th Step: Next, visit Connections to select your Wi-Fi network.

5th Step: This will bring up a new page. Click here to open the Wireless Properties tab.

6th Step: Finally, click the box beside Show characters to display the Wi-Fi password.

Use a macOS-powered computer to discover your WiFi password

Here’s how to find the WiFi password for a Mac or Apple-running PC.

First, open the Keychain Access app.

Step 2 Select the System option from the sidebar.

Step 3 Click on the Passwords button at the top.

4th Step: Find the Wi-Fi network you wish to change the password for, and then double-click it.

5th Step: Finally, check the box beside Show Password Option and then enter your password when asked.

After you do this, the empty password field will display the password used to sign in to the specific WiFi network.



The internet has simplified life for all. Once you connect to a network, you won’t have to reconnect. As long as the password is not changed, your computer will work. What if another device needs to be connected to that WiFi network?