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All adventurers are welcome. Welcome to my spellbook. We are grateful you have listened to the 33rd episode of our feats series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at one of the most popular feats in the series. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at Magic initiate feat 5e. This is found in the players handbook and that is the go-to for everyone who just needs a little bit of spell casting in their life but doesn’t ordinarily have access to it. Also perfect for those characters who want that one spell from list just don’t have access to but really need it to tie their character together. That out of the way let’s take a look at the description.


First and foremost i’d like to point out that there are no prerequisites for that. So that’s really nice, the feat description reads as followed.

You will need to choose one of the following classes for this Magic Initiate DnD5E Feat: clerics (druids), sorcerers (sorcerers), warlocks (wizards), wizards (bards), and wizards. Being selected any one of those classes you can learn two cantrips depends upon your choice from that specific class’s spell list. You can also choose to learn one 1st-level spell from the same list. You can cast the spell once at the lowest level with the dnd 5e feat. Before you can cast the spell again, you must take a long rest.

These spells are actually determined by your ability to cast them.

You will find some truly amazing things there. There is so much to discover. That being said let’s take a quick look at the walk thorough section here.


Step one is to choose an appropriate class: clerics or druids, sorcerers/warlocks, wizards or bards. Which is not too surprising, you’re gonna want to think of two things when you choosing a class list though. First, consider what spells and cantrips you are most interested in. What is your highest score in ability? Reason you’re gonna want to consider that at least between charisma, wisdom and intelligence is it directly determines which spells will be stronger with which. Super cool.

From there you’re just gonna take a look at their cantrip list and select the two you’d like. You can then go through the first level of the list to select one, and then choose another. You can only cast it once during a long rest at the lowest level. Make it count. And then naturally as i kind of mentioned previously your spell casting ability modifier varies based on the class’s. Charisma is an effect on the Bars, Sorcerer, Warlock and Warlock. Wisdom is for Druids/Clerics, Intelligence for Wizards. Let me now share some thoughts.


Who is the real owner of this item? The battle master could really benefit from this, I believe. Same with some of the barbarians as well depending on how they’re played but essentially fighters and barbarians for sure. Reason being quite a few of them don’t. I also added rogues.

Many people overlook the cast spells. Magic initiate is a way to teach your players tricks and gives them the chance to be their best. Naturally if he’s directly to play style for cantrips however i’d probably go with shape water for sure. It’s versatile and I absolutely love it. I use it with every spell casting character I can. There’s so much you can do, it’s kind of the most broken spell i’ve come across this far and then something that can damage something like green flame blade if you prefer melee combat or booming blade if you’re performing a melee combat as well.

If you like to keep things at a distance toll the dead is probably your best choice, it gets the better damage die so you’re gonna want to have one utility-based cantrip one damage base cantrip that would be my personal preference and in terms of the first level spell depends on playstyle as well. My characters look for spells that allow them to concentrate or have the potential of being ritual casted.

It is a good idea that you choose items like find familiar. This is a common choice and can prove to be very helpful, especially as it can take help action. So if you’re a rogue, find familiar is probably the one you’re going to want to go with. If you’re a fighter or a barbarian it’s a little bit tough to say. I think both bane and bless are really solid choices if you’re want to change the evan flow of battle and give your party members a little bit help or a hamper the enemy a little bit.

These are solid options along with any other locating-related magics, such as diseased poison or find magic. These are solid options. Honestly there’s a lot of really great choices the first level spells cover almost everything really. As I keep saying, it all depends on your playstyle.


I would love to hear from you about which spells work the best, or any build ideas. These are my favourite thing to read, and I know everyone who is reading this article loves them. As well as if you’ve any cool stories involving the magic initiative. This is a great day to be a man and enjoy your adventure.